Yet I will rejoice

Yet I will rejoice

He was all alone on a park bench, matted, water-logged and bedraggled from the weekend’s rain, and shivering slightly in the chill morning air. All his circumstances said he should be feeling awful. He’d been forgotten, dropped by someone he thought had loved him, kicked around in the mud, then left behind. It would have been perfectly reasonable for him to have hung his head and cried with despair. Yet he looked, in spite of everything, as cheerful as could be.


What did Piglet teach me about wrestling with unanswered prayer? Read on…

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  1. Judith Barnett
    on Dec 7th at 10:14 am

    This post (& it’s associated link to TT) will have to be added to my list of favourites. And this comment comes with as much love as I can send to you over the Internet!


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