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Jennie is a creative, incisive and witty writer, with a sharp eye for both spiritual and cultural developments. You may strongly agree or strongly disagree with what she’s saying, but you won’t find her boring.

Andrew Wilson, author and blogger

Got words?

Got a great idea but can’t put it into words? Need magazine articles or book/film/theatre reviews? Want an accurate, creative, experienced writer for academic, business or general output? You’ve come to the right place!

From press releases to academic dissertations, tongue-in-cheek school plays to moving accounts of modern-day martyrdom, Bible reading notes to blog posts, there are few styles of writing that I’m not confident in (I haven’t written a novel yet, but I’m working on it!).

We always look forward to working with Jennie since she’s able to quickly produce written pieces on a diverse range of subjects, adapting the tone of voice for pretty much anything we throw at her. Consistently high standard of writing and a real pleasure to collaborate on projects together.

Adam James, Founder & Managing Partner, Rethink HQ

My ‘specialist subject’ is the assumptions about life and liberty that shape the West’s moral and ethical values, but whatever your topic is, if you need someone who’s great with words and can research and write to a deadline, get in touch  and we can discuss what you need, what I can provide, and what it will cost.

For more details about my writing experience, read on, and for examples of my writing around the internet, check out the ‘Portfolio‘ tab at the top of the page.

I look forward to chatting about how we can work together.

My Writing

Although I’ve always loved writing, everyone knows you can’t make a living as a writer,  so I went to Uni and studied something more lucrative (teaching), but kept writing on the side. Other than a couple of school plays and a short story for which I won a runners up prize in a magazine competition, my writing was mostly non-fiction, and all just a hobby.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself in a job where I wrote nothing but business emails and began to get frustrated by the lack of opportunity to write. By then, of course, this handy little invention called ‘The Internet’ had come along. Here was a place where anyone who wished could write anything they chose. This blog was born (initially under the name newsong40.wordpress.com) and I began to write. And write and write.

I was also studying for an MA in Philosophy, so had even more opportunities to write, as well as to develop my thinking and understanding of the world.

My passion is trying to understand the assumptions that underpin the ethical and moral values by which Western society lives. Our actions and attitudes are shaped – usually subconsciously – by our understanding of what life is all about, what ‘the good life’ looks like, what is good and what is evil. I write to understand that inner world and, where I can, to offer signposts to an alternative world, where human life is properly valued and good and evil are recognised for what they are.

My portfolio includes:

Closer to God, Bible reading notes for Scripture Union;

~ Commissioned articles for LICC, The Evangelical Alliance, Magnify and God and Politics;

~ Regular contributions to ThinkTheology, ChristChurch London and newday;

~ Wear the Crown, a book I co-authored (uncredited) with Bill Drake and The Voice of the Martyrs;

~ Articles on a number of other websites – see the ‘Portfolio’ tab above.

I’ve also posted a few pieces of fledgling fiction on the blog, just for fun.

Start here:

If you’re wondering where to start, I’d suggest these posts – they have been the most popular things I’ve written to date, and give a good overview of my style and subject matter:

~ The Mass Murderer You’ve Never Heard Of

This IS Your Life

Bringing up Baby (Please don’t, says the Government)

How I Made the Hardest Decision of my Life

~ Marriage or Career?

And the all-time runaway favourite, written about the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics:

O Thou Who Changest Not

Think I might be right for your audience? Let’s talk.

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