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I also speak

Much to my surprise, I found I really enjoyed my first ‘proper’ speaking engagement, at my church’s recent Women’s Day.

The topic was ‘Life in all its fullness’, taken from Jesus’ claim in the Bible that he came to give us just that, life in all its fullness. What do we do when our daily lives don’t reflect that reality? How can we learn the secret of being joyfully content in all circumstances?

Many of the themes from the talk came from my forthcoming book on contentment (publication date: sometime in 2020), inspired by the conversations I’ve had with many people who are wondering if contentment is really possible in the face of long-term unanswered prayers.

Invite me to your event

If you’re interested in booking me for women’s conferences, seminars, retreats or other opportunities, please do contact me. I’d be happy to discuss topics and costs.