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I started blogging just over a year ago because I felt I had so many words bubbling up inside me that I just had to get out, but nowhere to put them. God gently reminded me of this wonderful invention called the internet, where anyone who likes can write anything he or she writes, and it is available for others to read.

The joy of writing and of from time to time having people comment favourably on my words has been immense. It has brought with it an unexpected bonus, though – I’ve made new friends!

I have become, in a small measure, part of a community of thinkers and writers who share their thoughts and words with each other and the world. Most of them – most of you – I have never met. One of them is a woman with a wonderful sense of humour who blogs about her walk with God and the lessons she’s learning as a stay at home ‘mom’ somewhere in California. I’ve grown to love her heart, her perspective, and her love for her kids. Her name is Melissa, and today I have the huge honour of guest posting over on her website.

I wrote about writing – it was a post that I was itching to write, but just didn’t quite fit with my blog. Thanks, Melissa, for giving me a space for it! Everyone else – hop over there and start reading!

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  1. Claire
    on May 3rd at 9:36 am


    Just read your guest blog. So true! I am feeling so many of the same things! I have been a book editor for over 17 years, but a couple of years ago at the Brighton Conference (and while I was heavily pregnant with our second child) I felt God told me he wanted me to move over to concentrate on writing. Great timing I thought! But I have kept hold of it, and, 21/2 years on, some opportunities arose that I grabbed and I have started to write some magazine articles. But I never expected it to be so difficult – I guess I was quite naive. (There are so many ‘free gigs’ out there, but part of the reason I’m trying to write is to add to the family income…) And fitting it round the kids, being awake enough to write[!] and also battling with the ‘why do people need to read what I write when there are so many others out there doing the same’ thoughts all take their toll. As do the ‘no thank you’ or silences from magazine editors when you send an idea in. Still, as I’ve found in so many different circumstances in my life, if God has told me to do it he just says ‘have I told you to stop?’ when I question whether it is the right thing! So I will continue, and will learn to trust him more in it. And the great thing is that, when it all comes together, it is so much fun! 😉

    • newsong40
      on May 3rd at 9:56 am

      Wow, thanks for sharing that, Claire. That’s so true – writing is one thing, but making money out of it is another entirely! And your struggles/questions are ones all writers seem to face.

      May God continue to guide and encourage you with your writing, and open the right doors at the right time! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Peter P
    on May 3rd at 7:39 pm

    You know when you have one of those posts that doesn’t fit with your blog, you can always send it to me and I’ll post it on mine… right?

    I feel like we’re almost brother and sister!

    • newsong40
      on May 3rd at 10:54 pm

      Wow, yeah, I’m sensing a really cool connection here!
      Thanks Pete!

      Yeah, I have been thinking it’s about time I guested for you, but Melissa was stressed and needed help, so she got this one!

      Loved your ‘Games’ post today – wow, you’re on FIRE! Well done!


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