My Oscars speech

It has been a great first week here at

In its first seven days, the site had 914 hits across 36 posts or pages, lots of Facebook and twitter shares, and loads of compliments to me in person and electronically.

I’m so thankful!

Of course, a website doesn’t spring into being all by itself, and while I thanked the following people on twitter last week, my mum pointed out that not everyone is on twitter, so, at the risk of sounding like I’m giving an acceptance speech at the Oscars, let me rectify that now.

I am immensely grateful to Peter Pollock, Jon Armstrong and Adam James for their help and advice in setting up the site, for fixing some of the issues I couldn’t, and generally giving generously of their time and expertise.

Big thanks too to Tanya Marsh, for somehow managing to take some great pictures of me despite the wind doing its best to defeat her!

Thank you to Ruth Awobgade, Adam James, Nick Spencer and Andrew Wilson for your very kind commendations of my editing and writing abilities, and to all of the above and more who have given me work and made this latest adventure of freelancing not only lots of fun but actually sustainable, too!

And finally, of course, thank you to you, for visiting, for reading, for commenting, for subscribing, for tweeting and Facebooking and telling your friends and generally doing all my publicity for me.

Oh, and huge thanks to my very special, unofficial, but super-duper agent. You know who you are, and I’m so grateful!

Thank you all. You bless me beyond words. Come again soon!

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  1. Alisa Russell
    on May 10th at 1:24 pm

    I love your new site and am glad everything is going so well for you. Looking forward to continuing to read your words of wisdom.


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