5am. Five o’clock. In the morning. That’s what time Jeff Goins wants me to get up tomorrow and start writing.

It’s to do with believing in myself, he says. To do with acting on that declaration I so easily and glibly made yesterday.

It’s alright for him, he’s got a brand new baby in the house. He’ll probably be up at that time anyway. I wouldn’t; I’d still be tucked up snugly in my warm, cosy bed, dreaming warm, cosy dreams and, most importantly – not being awake!

Is he crazy? I wouldn’t get up at that time for…for…

Well…OK, maybe I would. I’d get up at that time if someone in my family needed me. I’d get up at that time if my work required it. Let’s face it, I’d get up at that time just to catch a plane to go on holiday. So why not to write? Why not for the one thing I’ve been longing to do for so many years? I’d do it for things that matter to me, and if this matters, I guess I’d better start acting on it.

A good friend of mine often says ‘We organise to that which we prioritise’ – you can tell what really matters to you by looking at where you spend your time. Sleep matters to me. But so does the dream of being a great writer, so for one day I’ll put the latter first and make a commitment to the dream.

It is only for one day, isn’t it Jeff…?

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  1. lisarrrr
    on Jun 6th at 2:18 pm

    I like this. You do a good job of talking about what we should be willing to sacrifice to achieve our dream of being a writer. I am actually working on what my schedule is going to be for the summer. I homeschool my boys, and we are about to finish our year this Friday. I have been thinking about this for the last few days, and I told my husband that I was going to have to schedule my time out to make sure I have time to do what I really want to do this summer. Having a specific time to do my writing, my physical fitness, my planning for next year, etc. etc. will help me be more focused with my goals. Thanks for posting this.

    • Jennie Pollock
      on Jun 6th at 2:24 pm

      Thanks! I’m a firm believer in planning. Better to plan and have to change it than muddle through and expect to get the outcome you want. It’s true with finance, it’s true with dieting, and it’s true with time! I’m guessing you’re already pretty practised at this being a homeschooler, anyway, aren’t you?
      Have a great summer!

      • lisarrrr
        on Jun 6th at 2:29 pm

        I am pretty practiced at the homeschool part. I do have a tendency to be lazy though about checking things on the computer.(email, FB, etc) I want to schedule that in as well as my writing time. If I have a specific time to write, more of that will get done. 🙂


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