Catching up…

Things have been a bit quiet around here for a while. I’m busy working on writing my book, and editing other people’s work to make a living until I land my book deal, but I do occasionally write articles elsewhere, too. Here are the links to a couple you may have missed recently:

1) Words, Words, Words

I love words – which is fortunate, given that I make my living from them! Yet, while the process of reading is a joy in itself, it quickly becomes an empty one if the reader does not absorb or learn anything from his or her reading…

Read more of my thoughts on the true power of words, written for LICC, here.

2) What makes you human?

It all started on 16 September 2013. I took a tentative first step and was instantly hooked; besotted even. In the space of a couple of hours, my life was transformed, flooded with joy and laughter – and my poor, long-suffering friends have had to put up with me going on about it ever since.

To find out what I had discovered, and what it has revealed to me about being human, and about my creator, click here.

3) Bible Study: Not Just a Women’s Issue

In response to a tweet from The Gospel Coalition, reading: “It’s amazing how many women in our churches have never been taught to study their Bibles. This must end,” I wrote this post for ThinkTheology agreeing with the sentiment, but objecting to the gender-specification. I don’t think men are taught to study their Bibles any more than women are! I hope that changes.

Hopefully I’ll write something original for this blog again soon – I have been promised a very exciting guest post, which I’m hoping will appear in the next day or so, but until then, keep your eye on my twitter feed or my Facebook profile, in case I post anything anywhere else!

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