To see the invisible

Art allows us to see the invisible, to call forth light in a world shrouded in darkness. It speaks to that most real part of ourselves we’ve forgotten. It transcends circumstance and gives perspective.

We can’t face great art and not be changed. And the world most definitely needs to change – for the better.

Jeff Goins

Yesterday I shared this quote, and the blog post from which it is taken, with a creative ministries group I’m involved in. We’re just getting started and I think all of us wonder from time to time what difference creativity really makes to the world. Sure, art is nice, plays are fun, music is pleasant to listen to, but are they really worth anything?

In a world of so much need, shouldn’t we be spending our time feeding the poor or making more efficient reservoirs or challenging injustice?

Well yes, if that’s what we were gifted at, but if our gifts lie more in writing about the needs, painting pictures of them or developing songs that rally people to our cause, then I think we should be using those gifts instead.

If we can speak to the ‘most real’ parts of people, surely that is more powerful than attempting something for which we are ill-equipped?

The real question is what are we going to say? What part of the invisible world are we going to reveal? What new song will we sing? It matters that we speak, but it matters even more what we say…

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