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If you liked the ABC’s sermon on servant leadership that I posted about earlier this week, you’ll love this video (also viewable here: Individualitis and The Dung Gate), a powerful, unusual message on Nehemiah 3.


In stark contrast to that…

A more accurate test for Down’s syndrome which can also be given earlier in pregnancy than current checks has been developed, say experts.

The BBC announced this yesterday as a positive breakthrough. Now women can find out earlier, and far more accurately, whether or not their child is at ‘high risk’ of having Down’s Syndrome. “From a woman’s perspective,” said research leader Prof Kypros Nicolaides, “that is a much more clear message about what to do next.”

And there we have the real issue; the point of knowing your child’s potential ‘abnormalities’ is so that you can make an ‘informed decision’ on whether or not to abort him or her.

That’s not good news, and it’s not progress; it’s ‘individualitis’, and it’s eugenics.


TheAtlantic, [writes Glenn T. Stanton,] has a very provocative cover story this month: “The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss.” It explains, to anyone who wants to know, “what gay and lesbian spouses can teach straight ones about living happily ever after.”

What it actually explains, Glenn goes on to show, is just how unstable ‘committed’ gay and lesbian relationships are. The author of the Atlantic piece has to go through some intriguing contortions to spin the stats she draws on as examples of the exemplary stability she wants to claim.

Fascinating stuff.


And finally, in case you missed it, here’s a post on joy and privilege that I wrote for ThinkTheology last week. Better late than never!

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