The creative spirit

My son was just told to rewrite a letter ‘a’ and said, “it may not look much like an a but it looks like an awesome letter q.”
             My brother, via facebook this week

The ‘son’ in question is of course, my nephew. I think he’s fantastic (as are his two sisters). He’s got the agility of a monkey and loves to climb up, scramble over, swing from and generally explore things. This picture, taken by one of his uncles, really captures his spirit.

He’s also got a tender side towards his sisters and younger cousins, and a remarkable self-restraint (well, most of the time!).

And I love his outlook on life.

I love the creativity that can see a mistake and recognise it as something better. And I love that my brother and sister-in-law are bringing all their children up to view people like this.

The homeless woman on the corner, the disabled child at the library, the lonely, wizened old man next door. They may not look much like our idealised vision of humanity, but they look like awesome children of God.

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