Stop the madness!

Stop the madness!

Declutter, he says. First your desk/writing space.

Well, I was doing well at that – even had a nice little tea pot with proper, elegant, old fashioned cup-and-saucer to hand to make writing time special.

Then my landlord needed something from the junk store.

This is what my beautiful, decluttered write-in-able space looks like now:

Sad, eh?

My beautiful space, filled up with all the detritus of someone else’s life. There’s a beautiful little cellar in there with a desk and chair and neatly-sharpened pencils, just waiting for me to conjure up something beautiful, but I can’t get at it.

It strikes me that this is the perfect metaphor for what Jeff’s trying to teach us today. That room is lovely, but you’d never know it because the things someone else can’t bear to part with are heaped up all over it.


Off to clear out the junk from one of my blog posts, now! I’m submitting it as a guest post on someone else’s blog, but it will need a bit of a spring clean, first. I’ll let you see the before and after articles when it’s done and we can vote on which is best!

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  1. Christine Niles (@croyseniles)
    on Jun 19th at 6:51 pm

    Perfect illustration, Jennie! Need some help cleaning up? I’ll hop on a plane….

    • Jennie Pollock
      on Jun 19th at 10:38 pm

      Sounds lovely. I’ll make a nice pot of tea!

  2. lisarrrr
    on Jun 19th at 6:53 pm

    I think it’s perfect too. Looking forward to seeing your blog posts.

  3. alifesanctified
    on Jun 20th at 1:33 am

    OK Jennie – your space beat my space!
    Best of luck with the clear out.
    Just think of how good it will feel …


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