Splashes of joy

Do you like the new header picture I uploaded a couple of days ago?  No prizes for spotting the reflection in the window of me taking the picture!

I had to snap it because I walk past this window box every day, but had never noticed it until one day, when spring first popped its nose out from under the winter chill, a couple of narcissi and a teeny tiny crocus fought their way through the stunted tangle of dusty grey ivy leaves to proclaim that life and beauty can exist in the most unlikely of places!

I thought I’d keep it for a while as a splash of joy and, perhaps more importantly, a beacon of hope.

Sometimes the task looks so huge and the ground so tough, dry and hard.  The pollution of the constant flow of traffic driving past day and night seems so impossible to combat. 

But there’s hope.  If these little tiny plants can make their presence felt and can transform their environment so markedly, then with God, there’s hope that we can do the same.

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