On meeting the need

“I never wanted to look pretty on stage and sing about something we’ve all heard about before. I’d much rather write a song called Judas and talk about betrayal and forgiveness and feeling misunderstood, and talk to the fans and figure out what it is society needs. If I can be a leader, I will.”
            Lady Gaga

Just a quick salutary lesson for your Saturday.

Some pop stars may stumble through life taking the decisions which seem right at the time, singing the songs that appeal to them, and generally taking the route best judged to make them rich and famous by the fastest route possible.

Others, though, are less blind to their influence and power. They see the felt needs of their fans, and of society, and willingly accept their role in addressing those needs.

If they don’t, who will?
Who else is being a role model and giving answers to the questions?

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