On asking the right questions

I like to keep this blog as true as possible to its founding idea: I want to learn to listen to the ‘song’ our culture is singing, understand what the assumptions underpinning that song are, and try to figure out how to sing a New Song back to it, the Song God is singing into my heart.

That means this blog is a bit less personal than many you may read. I don’t write too often about myself, my journey or my lessons. Once in a while, though, a post comes along that’s just desperate to be written even though it doesn’t fit. It begs me to share it with the world, and it’s at times like that that I’m grateful for the community of bloggers that I’m slowly becoming part of.

Yes, this is one of those times. I recently got a new job, and learned a huge lesson about how I pray for things, how this relationship between me and God’s plan works, about how to ask the right questions to unlock the answers I’m looking for. It doesn’t fit here, but it fits beautifully on peterpollock.com!

He’s kindly letting me be his guest poster there today, so click here to read it, or watch this space for more of the culture stuff you’re actually interested in…

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