Hello world!

This blog is about reading culture, listening to the song it is singing, and singing a new song back to it. 

The new song is a song of hope, a song of freedom, a song of joy.

Psalm 40v3 says, “[The Lord] put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.”  My heart yearns for the day when many will hear this new song, and will begin to sing along, humming softly at first, then swelling to a burst of joyful noise.

Many will reject it, of course, preferring their own song.  But at least they’ll know that another song exists.  They’ll be making an informed choice, not just being swept along on the tide.

I’ll include commentary on news stories, movie reviews and anything else God puts on my heart.

This is scary for me.  I’m terrified of not putting things right, of being misinterpreted, of dishonouring, rather than bringing glory to God.

I’m scared it’s going to be too hard, but if everyone faced with a hard task wimped out, children would still be climbing chimneys, and Britain’s wealth would still be built on the slave trade.  I guess when something big enough is at stake, the little people have to take a stand and stare down the giants.

So here I go.

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