Catching Up

Life has been pretty busy this last week. Book club, dancing, a report launch, a symphony concert…I’m loving living the London life, but it does mean I’ve been a bit slow to update this blog.

I have been writing, though, so here, in case you missed them, are the links to a couple of articles I posted on other blogs last week.

The Comparisons Game

On Wednesday I was honoured to be invited to write a guest post for my friend Tina Bustamante’s blog. Tina and I met back in 1996 (longer ago than either of us care to remember!) when we joined the missionary ship Logos II. We went our separate ways in 1998, and have had very little contact in the intervening decade and a half, but recently, thanks to the powers of social media, we’ve made contact again.

Tina is putting the finishing details to her first book, a novel for Young Adults, and I hope will shortly be writing a post here to tell you all about it. In the meantime, hop on over to her blog to find out why despite her writing success, her beauty, her happy marriage and her lovely children, I’m not comparing myself negatively to her.


Should Church be Fun?

After raving (again) about my Ceroc class on Monday, I started thinking about why I never come away from church saying, ‘That was SO MUCH FUN!’ I love my church; it’s edifying, meaningful and usually enjoyable, but fun? Well…

Read my ponderings, and a couple of great responses, over on ThinkTheology.

Hopefully I’ll have time to write something original here soon, but those should keep you going in the mean time.

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