A new era

Congratulations to Messrs Cameron and Clegg, and commiserations to Mr Brown.

Looking forward to seeing how the new government unfolds.

Cameron talked about nurturing the mindset that seeks not ‘my entitlements’ but ‘my responsibilities’ and considers not ‘what am I owed?’ but ‘what can I give?’

I’d support that.  What great place this would be to live if they can achieve it!

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  1. Peter P
    on May 12th at 11:43 pm

    I still can’t believe the tories and the lib dems have formed a coalition…


  2. Peter P
    on May 12th at 11:43 pm

    and actually…. who would ever have thought that a Lib Deb would be deputy Prime Minister!?!

  3. newsong40
    on May 13th at 3:09 pm

    I know!
    I liked (??) one of the newspaper headlines – they’ve been talking about a lib-lab pact, but no-one had yet come up with a name for a Tory/Lib-dem one. Turns out we’re now a Con-Dem-Nation…!


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